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        "The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper"
        W.B. Yeats

        "I am going to make everything around me beautiful —
        that will be my life"
        Elsie de Wolfe

        the girl behind the camera

        Hello there! My name is Tiffany, and I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Washington, D.C.

        I’ve loved visualizing creative imagery in my head for as long as I can remember as both a reader and a writer. My passion for photography, then, came naturally to me as a way to curate and interpret the beauty around me into art. I’m a daydreamer, listmaker, and the truest believer of love and all things romantic — something I attribute to the lucky fact that I met my dream guy and husband, Dan, at summer camp when I was sixteen. We were long distance for 7+ years, separated by cities, states, and continents before settling down together, so I know about the delicate, intimate, sometimes heartbreaking, most of the times head over heels parts of being in love.

        I’m someone that seeks to capture the special once-in-a-lifetime moments, the everyday acts of love, and a bit of the in between. If you’re looking for a photographer who will create timeless, classic images with a whimsical twist, I’m your girl. You can usually find me trying out weird new ice cream flavors, rummaging through antique shops for vintage homeware, throwing festive afternoon tea parties (I’m a self-professed anglophile at heart), and pursuing my dream of traveling the world documenting stories of life & love. I’d be honored to start with yours! +++